Bank Of Dave

Banks... we love to hate them, but there’s no alternative, right? Dave Fishwick thought differently, though. This self-made Burnley businessman was determined to fight through the red tape and open his own bank, with a modern, ethical, business model. Bank Of Dave is the BAFTA nominated documentary from Channel 4 that tells his story - from a tiny seed of an idea, to the establishment of his very own Savings and Loan. As part of the show’s promotion, Channel 4 commissioned Whitespace to produce this interactive piece to explain Dave’s “big idea” with simple terms and imagery. My challenge as animator and developer was to provide a smooth interactive experience with rich motion graphics to grab users’ attention. A 37% completion rate in the first week was a sure sign that we did something right. Marie James, Channel 4 online producer said the finished piece "brought intelligence and design clarity out to play to produce a beautiful story illustrating precisely what makes Dave's proposition enticing". You can see the finished piece at

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